PC Gaming Show: The latest announcements from Shiro Games

Shiro Games announces two new games for their publisher catalog and completes its already available titles After months of hard work, Shiro Games, the independent French studio behind Evoland 1 & 2, Northgard and Wartales, as well as its publishing label Shiro Unlimited unveiled its latest releases during the PC Gaming Show. The French developer … Read more

Decarnation Preview – Gamescom’s Nice Surprise

Decarnation Preview Gamescoms Nice Surprise

Announced last June, Decarnation also showed up at Gamescom. Presented in the form of a game all in pixel art, in 2D, with its small horrific connotation, the title of the Parisian studio Atelier QDB was one of the games of the German event to really surprise us. Preview Conditions: We played the Decarnation demo … Read more

Logitech G formalizes its portable game console dedicated to cloud gaming designed with Tencent

Boulanger changes the rules of the game with the

Failing to discover its appearance, which had already been the subject of a leak a few weeks ago, we at least learned its name – and even had the opportunity to take it in hand. It is therefore under the name Logitech G Cloud that we now know the portable game console designed specifically for … Read more

Moving Out 2 preview – An even crazier and more fun move?

Moving Out 2 preview An even crazier and more scaled

After Moving Out first of the name which was sympathetic, here that Moving Out 2, announced ahead of Gamescom, was present at the German show. Do we have an even crazier and more creative new album? First element of response on this preview, pending the release announced for next year. Preview Conditions: We played Moving … Read more

Compete as a family in Kids VS Parents, coming to Nintendo Switch November 25, 2022

Compete as a family in Kids VS Parents coming to

Lyon, Paris, France – September 19, 2022 – Breakfirst Games and Just For Games are pleased to announce the upcoming release of a collective game where all family members are invited to participate: Kids VS Parents. Take part in a big party where the stakes are maximum: who will do the dishes? Are we eating … Read more

Wayward Strand Test – Clash of Generations

Wayward Strand Test – Clash of Generations scaled

Resulting from an open collaboration between a development team and artists from all walks of life, Wayward Strand turns out to be the first major work of the australian studio ghost pattern. Released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and also on Switch on September 15, 2022he piqued yours truly’s curiosity as he … Read more

How has gaming become the new playground for brands?

How has gaming become the new playground for brands

What is the dominant media of an era? “He’s the one that keeps teenagers awake at night“, answers the mediologist Régis Debray, quoted by Raphaël Llorca at the microphone of Floriane Sagères, deputy editor-in-chief of Marketing Magazine and creator of the podcast Campaign Marketing ! But no offense to the essayist, who uses this quote … Read more

Test Foretales – We put our cards on the table in an RPG style

Test Foretales We put our cards on the table

Indie gaming can work wonders, especially if the production, development, and publishing teams know their weaknesses and strengths. Composed of only 5 people, the Alkemi team released the game very recently forest, which passes for a bit of a UFO in the world of card games. Edited by Dear Villagers, forest presents itself as a … Read more