Call of Duty: Microsoft says future episodes will also be released on PlayStation, even beyond the current deal

Call of Duty Microsoft says future episodes will also be

One of the big questions surrounding the takeover ofActivision-Blizzard-King through Microsoft is the future of the publisher’s existing licenses, which could become exclusive to Xbox platforms. Phil Spencer had already addressed a word on the case of call of dutysaying that they want to respect the commitment that currently binds Activision with sony, but concerning … Read more

Bluff and corruption: Sheriff of Nottingham is back in stores!

1644425275 Bluff and corruption Sheriff of Nottingham is back in stores

After its rapid out of stock, Sheriff of Nottingham is back in stores! In this game, you are a merchant arriving in Nottingham with your finest wares to earn a well-deserved profit. Your goal? Earn a well-deserved profit. But watch out for the Sheriff! Played in turn by each player, he chooses who to let … Read more

Egglia Rebirth (Nintendo Switch) – The test –

1644420532 Egglia Rebirth Nintendo Switch The test Nintendo Townfr

Magic, elves and other happy elves have always aroused a certain admiration among many gamers (and non-gamers!). Anxious to be able to experience unusual, utopian and dreamlike adventures, the developers have hardly been deaf to this request and are deploying more and more games imbued with magic. While our real daily life remains disrupted by … Read more

Lost Ark: 10 tips for getting started on the hack’n’slash MMORPG

1644410990 Lost Ark 10 tips for getting started on the hacknslash

Lost Ark is a hack’n slash MMO that will launch very soon on PC in free-to-play. Released for a while in other regions, the title has been intriguing and raising high expectations in the West, as well as many questions given that the content of the game is quite enormous. So it’s easy to get … Read more

Ephios: Power play, power of popularity

1644389618 Ephios Power play power of popularity

You know this current tendency to add narrative everywhere, mixed with challenges and other “achievements” to check off in your rulebooks, like a sort of injunction that would say “play my game again before moving on to another, please!!!”. Around this narrative, we find specific settings, envelopes or boxes to open, changes of rules… In … Read more

Discover the best gaming offers of the moment

Discover the best gaming offers of the moment

In your hypermarket or on the official website, you can find the latest releases on the different platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or even Xbox Series. Several partner sellers regularly set up important promotions on a particular game. New video game releases The 2022 video game news promises to be rich in … Read more

Test Lost Ark – The MMO of this beginning of the year not to be missed

1644372424 Test Lost Ark The MMO of this beginning of

Lost Ark is arguably the most anticipated new MMO of 2022 (with The Day Before, may be). Already released in Korea, Japan and Russia, the title has made people envious in the West, who are waiting for it. Indeed, the game enjoys a pretty good reputation with its community, and it continues to be fed … Read more

Azurebreak Heroes: interview with Onyon –

1644369197 Azurebreak Heroes interview with Onyon Nintendo Townfr

As part of the Azurebreak Heroes test, we had the chance to speak with leonyon, its creator. He made ABH alone, his first published game. The following words are translated from English. NT: Hello, can you introduce yourself for our readers? LeOnyon: Good morning ! My name is Piotr, but I’m better known as ‘leonyon’ … Read more

Asus TUF: this gaming laptop with an RTX 3060 is 200 euros cheaper

1644364286 Asus TUF this gaming laptop with an RTX 3060 is

If you are looking for a laptop to play your favorite games quietly, we have the solution: the Asus TUF Dash F15 laptop equipped with an Nvidia GTX 3060 graphics card is available today at 1,099 euros on Rue du Commerce against 1,299 euros usually. Laptops used for gaming can be real competition machines, despite … Read more