Evil West preview – Being a cowboy who hunts vampires seems like a good plan

Evil Westthe new game from the little guys at Flying Wild Hog, to whom we recently owe a decent Shadow Warrior 3, had rather seduced us on its few gameplay trailers with its overall feeling. Despite its two-month postponement, we had the opportunity to test it with the controller in hand for good. Taking place in an alternative 18th century, does the TPS look as promising as it seems, in anticipation of its release on November 22?

Preview Conditions: We played and completed the Evil West demo provided by the publisher in 1 hour. The title was tested on PC with a controller on 16GB of Ram, a GTX 1070 and an i5 clocked at 3.8 Ghz.

A construction for the lambda moment

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The demo tested for about 1 hour sent us to an abandoned mining village, in which we had to find an energy cell. For the moment, we have very little concrete information on the common thread ofEvil West which, we remember, will send us to an alternate 18th century where we will have to hunt demons. The narration can be interesting, but it will be necessary to check all this on the complete game. In any case, the aesthetics are catchy, and the title is far from being ugly in its graphic aspect, clean but which still required a little optimization on certain passages.

On the overall construction of this level, we had something quite classic. The title of Flying Wild Hog alternated between arena fights, against nasty critters halfway between demons and vampires, and some puzzles to solve to keep moving forward. In absolute, the software will therefore offer us two distinct phases, for a fairly basic result.

Regarding the puzzles, precisely, they don’t advertise themselves as witches. In this case, the level asked us to move a few cars to reach generators to activate a bridge, then find a way to reach two other generators to activate to allow us to advance in the level. In sum, Evil West will have very light puzzles to its credit, but also some arena combat in its progression pattern which, we hope, will not be too repetitive, and a little more varied than what we have seen.

For the rest, the level design ofEvil West left to be fairly linear. If there were, in the level tested, some secret areas where to recover new assets or even money, the software was endowed with relatively little freedom for the moment. It therefore remains to be seen if the final game will offer us more openness, or if it is set to have levels just as dirigiste as the one we tested. Which would be a shame, as slightly larger levels would be more enjoyable.

A very pleasant and challenging gameplay

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On pure gameplay, Evil West should be extremely fun. This is the feeling that we immediately feel during the fights. As for Jesse Rentier, our hero, he is first equipped with an electrified gauntlet. He can use it as a shield and even electrocute his enemies who, once stunned, can be shamelessly chained.

The combos to perform were damn enjoyable, especially since Jesse can use his revolver in addition to the gauntlet to vaporize the many vampiric demons, just like his rifle by aiming more precisely. Our character could also use a double-barreled shotgun as a rechargeable skill, as well as a cripple blinding nearby enemies, then chaining them.

Concretely, Evil West will offer a combat system for the less complete, and with many possibilities to eliminate our enemies. The concept of using the right weapon at the right time is frankly pleasant, and it will certainly be necessary to gauge which guns will do the most damage to enemies which, we hope, will be varied over the course of the game.

evil west

Something impossible to check on this short demo, but be aware that the bosses will be particularly tense, much like the difficulty of the game in general. The fights were not long calm rivers on this demo, and it was absolutely necessary to manage the space well. Especially against the end-of-level boss, avoid his attacks with an effective dodging system, then use the right weapons at the right time, or the healing skill, if you’re in bad shape. In addition to being fun, the gunfights ofEvil West will definitely be nervous, and we can’t wait to see more against other enemies or huge bosses. We will also note an ability of Jesse, consisting of shooting at the weak points of the enemies appearing on them, in order to cut their attack. This is another exciting point to consider on the end game.

Evil West, it will also be a whole system of advantages and improvements. For the first, it will be necessary to level up and thus glean skill points to be attributed to different skills, such as melee efficiency, or new devastating blows with the gauntlet. Regarding the second, the improvements concern the arsenal. These upgrades can be unlocked by finding blueprints, through workbenches, and using our money. The system looks very classic, although it works well in practice. Light character customization is included, and is unlocked in hidden chests. In particular, this allows you to touch up your hat and your guns.

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Evil West preview – Being a cowboy who hunts vampires seems like a good plan

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