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Unlike some Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy does not offer a classic system concerning the different characters specific to gacha games. In order to better find you there, we explain in this guide what it is about to summon new characters and embody them in the open world.

How to summon new characters?

Concretely, in Tower of Fantasy, you only embody your avatar created at the start of the game. You will quickly be able to summon weapons via the “Profusion of weapons” banners. You can access it at any time via the game menu. To summon on a banner, you will need black, gold or red nuclei. We have just released a dedicated guide on these for more information.

In this free-to-play, new characters are tied to weapons you get through summons. Weapons are divided into three rarity ranks: R, SR, and SSR. Obviously SSRs are the most coveted weapons, but the chances of getting them are slim. Luckily, banners using gold nuclei guarantee you an SSR weapon after 80 draws.

How do I change my appearance in-game in Tower of Fantasy?

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In Tower of Fantasy, each SR and SSR weapon is linked to unique characters in the universe. Once you have obtained one of them, you unlock a “Simulacrum”. Again, you have a dedicated menu simply called “Simulacra” which allows you to activate them to take on the appearance of the character unlocked via the weapon obtained.

It is not possible to change appearance during a fight, even when you switch weapons. To resume the appearance of your avatar, simply return to the Simulacra menu and remove the one that is active via the dedicated button.

How to get skins for your characters?

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Even if we do not doubt that the title will offer several exclusive skins, it is possible to unlock new skins for your SSR weapons (for now anyway). One for the moment according to our observations. To get a new look, all you have to do is level up your weapons. This translates concretely into obtaining duplicates for SSR weapons. The majority of them have a new appearance (including that of the weapon) after 3 stars (thus 3 doubloons).

How to change clothes for your avatar in Tower of Fantasy?

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If you regret the choice of outfit for your avatar when creating it, know that it is always possible to change at any time. For that, you just have to go in the backpack via the menu then click on the “Outfit” icon at the bottom left of your inventory. Be careful however, the change in appearance of your face or the color of your clothes require the use of dark crystals, is one of the most important currencies in the game. However, it would seem that special coupons will allow you to make these changes for free.

Be aware though thatit is possible to earn new clothes via events, the Battle Pass or even obtaining exploration challenges. It is also possible to equip accessories or even change the appearance of your jetpack once you have unlocked them.

To know more about Tower of Fantasydo not hesitate to consult our complete guide.

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How To Summon Characters & Change Appearance | Tower of Fantasy Guide

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