Lenovo atomizes the price of these fixed gaming PCs with RTX 3060 Ti before the French Days

News good plan Lenovo atomizes the price of these fixed gaming PCs with RTX 3060 Ti before the French Days

The French Days are coming, but Lenovo doesn’t have the time and is already offering its gaming PCs with a big discount right now! The best part is that they are equipped with latest generation processors and an RTX 3060 ti.

Lenovo crushes the price of these fixed gaming PCs with RTX 3060 Ti just before the French Days

The French Days are coming soon with discounts on many products from the tech world. But Lenovo did not wait for the start to launch its own discounts on fixed gaming PCs. With the discount code: RETURN you can have between 400 and 600 € reduction. But that’s not all ! Indeed, you will also have a refund of 100 € from the brand.

For more clarity, here is the summary of these different changes on the 3 PCs offered:

  • Initial price indicated at Lenovo: 1599 € / 1799 € / 2099 €
  • Price after discount (code RETURN): €1199 / €1299 / €1499
  • Price after ODR (Refund offer): €1099 / €1199 / €1399

In total, you can therefore save between €500 and €700 on the purchase of one of these stationary PCs with RTX 3060 Ti and latest generation Intel processor.

Buy the Legion 5i tower from 1099 €

Among these three towers, we particularly recommend two of them which are the one at 1099 € (1199 € before ODR) and the one at 1399 € (1499 € before ODR). Why ? Simply because the other possibility only adds a Windows 11 license that you can easily find at a low price.

Buy a Windows 11 license from €0.50 at Cdiscount

Lenovo Legion T5i: between €500 and €700 off with an RTX 3060 Ti and a 12th Gen Intel

These three Legion T5i towers are almost flawless as a first gaming PC or as a replacement for an old PC. Delivered directly assembled, it will suffice to install Windows on two of them to be able to play the most recent games without asking any questions.

Equipped with an RTX 3060 Ti with 8 GB of GDDR6 video memory, you can even play with Ray Tracing activated here!

RAM memory, which is often a problem in budget-priced PCs, is particularly good here! You will directly have 16 GB in DDR5 at 4800 MHz.

  • For information, DDR5 is the new generation of RAM which achieves better performance than DDR4 which was available until then.

At the processor level, you can count on the latest generation Intel Cores which are available here. They do not have an integrated graphics part (represented by the absence of the K in their name) but you will not need it anyway thanks to your RTX 3060 Ti. It even saves a little energy.

  • The first two PCs are equipped with an i5 12400 F, while the last is equipped with an i7 12700F to go a little further in terms of performance!

The two faults of these PCs are related to their storage which remains quite light for a gaming PC. Only 512 GB, so you will need to add more in the future. However, it is an M.2 SSD in PCI Express gen4, which is excellent.

The other concern comes from the power supply, which is only 500 Watt. If it allows these PCs to run smoothly, it will make upgrading in the future a bit more complex.

You will also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on these fixed PCs!

  • Bonus point: these fixed PCs come with a 2-year deposit guarantee and a Calliope Black USB keyboard.

Buy the Legion 5i tower from 1099 €

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Lenovo atomizes the price of these fixed gaming PCs with RTX 3060 Ti before the French Days

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