Lost Items and Good Deed Points | Pokemon Legends Arceus

Yes Pokemon Legends Arceus is based on the Wilderness concept of Pokémon Sword and Shield, it does not resume its false MMO dimension with the avatars of other players circulating on the map when you are online. To keep some connection with the others, this episode sets up a system ofLost objects which can become quite profitable when you are interested in it.

What are Lost Items?

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, your character can be directly attacked by wild Pokémon, and can therefore also be Knocked Out. In this case, part of the materials collected during this expedition will fall from your inventory to remain in place. But not in your world, in another person’s world.

Lost Items and Good Deed Points | Pokemon Legends Arceus

Lost Items are therefore bags that appear in your home following the defeat of other players in their games. Going to collect them entitles you to a reward item, but also earns you Good Deed Points to be spent at the Rusticity Trading Stall.

How to find Lost Items?

Lost Items and Good Deed Points | Pokemon Legends Arceus

It is unlikely to stumble upon Lost Items while walking around as they are both quite rare and not so visible. On the other hand, the game menu lists the Lost Objects currently found in your game with even the possibility of defining them as an objective for your direction, which is necessarily the most effective way to know where to go.

Is Nintendo Switch Online Membership necessary for Lost Items?

Lost Items and Good Deed Points | Pokemon Legends Arceus

The good news is that Game Freak has thought of players who do not necessarily have the Nintendo Switch Online subscription or more simply without Internet access. Indeed, the game occasionally generates Lost Items from fake players to allow you to take advantage of these bonuses whatever the case.

Note, however, that if you are a subscriber and you activate the Internet connection in the menu, their frequency of appearance will necessarily be a little higher.

Rewards available at the Trading Stall

Lost Items and Good Deed Points | Pokemon Legends Arceus

Here is the full list of rewards that can be found at the Trading Stall in Pokemon Legends Arceusas well as their prices in Good Deed Points:

  • Poke Ball: 10 PBA
  • Super Candy: 1,000 PBA
  • Stone Fire: 1,000 BPA
  • Stone Water: 1,000 BPA
  • Lightning Stone: 1,000 BPA
  • Pierre Plante: 1,000 BPA
  • Stone Ice: 1,000 BPA
  • Pierre Moon: 1,000 BPA
  • Pierre Soleil: 1,000 EPS
  • Shard Stone: 1,200 PBA
  • Stone Night: 1,200 PBA
  • Stone Dawn: 1,200 PBA
  • Stone Oval: 400 PBA
  • Razor Claw: 1,400 PBA
  • Razor Fang: 1,400 PBA
  • Mowing fabric: 1,400 PBA
  • Metal skin: 1,000 PBA
  • Protector: 1,400 PBA
  • Electriser: 1,400 PBA
  • Magmarizer: 1,400 PBA
  • Enhancer: 1,000 PBA
  • Doubtful CD: 1,400 PBA
  • Bonding wire: 1,000 PBA

With all these Evolution Items available for purchase, the Good Deed Points will therefore probably be a real help in filling your Pokédex, while the Lost Items can already bring good rewards. If this is not enough for you, do not hesitate to consult our guide dedicated to Pokemon Legends Arceus to find more tips and tricks.

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Lost Items and Good Deed Points | Pokemon Legends Arceus

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