Madness Beverage (Nintendo Switch) – The test –

If you miss the good old FPS style Duke Nukem, Quake, or Doom, then you have probably already heard of the game Madness Beverage. No ? Is that so. Well, it’s a game originally released on Xbox One. A good old FPS that wants to be a tribute to the cult titles of the genre. Whether it’s the aesthetics, the gameplay or the soundtrack, the title plans to take the best of it and offer it to us in a game. Successful bet… Or not.

In space…You know the rest

Let’s not mince our words, and let’s say it right away, the game is a nice dung. But hey, at NT we go to the end of things, and spitting on a game for no reason is not really the philosophy of the site. This is why we are going to calmly analyze this title which we will kindly qualify as turd.

Basically, the game starts well. Old school graphics à la Nintendo 64, and good old rock/metal music. We even have a semblance of a scenario… Ah, well no. Everything stops there. The game has no French translation, and for non-English speakers, there are no subtitles. Whether in the language of Shakespeare or Molière, subtitles are conspicuous by their absence. Either, we’ll do with it, and we’ll just follow the story with the pretty cutscenes created with the game engine.

So, to put it simply, the story is totally classic and above all totally useless. We embody a kind of space pirate who goes from mission to mission. During one of our missions, we meet the terrible Manos. A very evil alien who looks suspiciously like a Wish version of Thanos. For once, we are indeed in front of a kind of big eggplant on legs.

In short, the interstellar vegetable decides to open the gates of hell, and therefore to release all the demons that have been locked up there for far too long. Luckily for the universe, we are here and so we answer the call of mass demon decimation. Neither one nor two, we board our ship and go to various areas to annihilate all forms of harmful life. That’s the story. Don’t expect anything else.

Doom ultra wish version

1643444531 765 Madness Beverage Nintendo Switch The test Nintendo TownfrAfter the almost absent story, let’s dwell on all the salt of the game, the gameplay. Like the very famous game Doom, we are in front of an FPS. So we run, guns in hand, through lush environments shooting frantically at demons that explode in large sprays of blood. Does all this make you want? Well, forget everything and let’s get back to reality very quickly. Our character is incredibly leeeeeennnnnnnnt. Of course, we can run, but for that we will have to constantly press the left joystick. We are somewhat slanderous. Most games offer this way of doing things, but hey, in a game where you have to be a minimum of fast, the fact of walking like a heavyweight and slightly jogging while having to keep the joystick pressed, as much to say that the thing is quite uncomfortable .

Before listing the rest, let’s focus very quickly on the life of the software. This one is short, with less than ten levels, and the game is over in four to five hours. However, it will always be possible to increase this time by going to New Game +, arena mode, or simply by increasing the difficulty already present, even in easy mode. Finally, when we say difficulty, we mean artificial difficulty. And then, we say that the lifespan is short but you still have to have the patience to get to the end of the game, because we have depicted you, a few lines above, a game worthy of the illustrious Doom. But in reality, it is not.

If our avatar moves slowly, it is not the same for our enemies, very little varied. These move in packs, and will be ready to do battle with our poor space pirate. Thus, we will face various demons, unfortunately all ending up being more identical to each other. Not content with slaughtering hundreds of clones in a row, we also have to stuff ourselves with their robustness half the time. To be more precise, we can dismantle a demon with a single shot, while the next one, which we remember, will be exactly the same in all respects, will die after two or even three shots. This can be extremely annoying, especially since our ammunition will not be unlimited. It happened to us, several times moreover, to be completely out of ammunition. Well, to defend the title, we can very well say that we suck at FPS, but as players of Doom, Quake, etc… We can still seriously consider concerns in terms of playability and gameplay.

Ah, and yes, for those who love gore and who would have been attracted to that side, we can tell you yes… And no. Why, well simply because although the sprays of blood are slightly present, these all look the same, and we eventually get tired of this semblance of gore. Also, we don’t think seeing his enemies burst and sprawling on the ground in some sort of infamous cow dung is really the thing that draws players in.

Retro and homage don’t forgive everything

1643444531 384 Madness Beverage Nintendo Switch The test Nintendo TownfrOkay, let’s get this game over with, and let’s get to the graphics and soundtrack. Let’s be clear, for a game that wants to be retro, it’s downright successful. For once, it will appeal to fans of N64 games. Not content to bring old school graphics, the game takes with it all the bugs that could be present at the time. Indeed, we can say that we have the right to a real tribute to retro games. The environments are empty, they all look the same. We walk through corridors, whether in snow, lava or a ship. It will almost always be the same. We do have crates and barrels, as well as other utensils of that ilk, but unlike other titles, if not all, it is impossible to smash them. In fact, to be clear, other than shooting our enemies, that’s all we can do.

Moreover, as long as we talk about the monstrosities that we will have to slay, it happens on some some visual bugs, like the disappearance of a leg. This is quite rare, but it always surprises when it happens. Finally, on the sound level, hearing the roar of critters makes us think of a kind of big gurgling. While it may make you smile, after a while hearing the same growls over and over again will cause anyone to turn off the sound.

If the unbearable creatures with their gurgling repeat themselves tirelessly, our character is not left out with only two sentences that he will repeat every two minutes. As for weapons, it’s no better: shoot a shotgun or a rocket launcher and you will quickly understand.

And finally the music, the only real positive point of the game. In fact, the latter is like the rest of the title, that is to say much too repetitive. We still have other negative points to bring to this game, such as its objectives which are not clear, its elements of the environment which pop right in front of us, or others completely absent, the music which stops a shot, or even those black and white or pixelated graphic filters that will only say yes, the game is ugly.

We want to give thanks to the author of this write-up for this remarkable material

Madness Beverage (Nintendo Switch) – The test –

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