Razer Barracuda X (2022) review: gaming and lifestyle, the pretty marriage

Already released in the summer of 2021, the Barracuda X from Razer is actually an update of the model which had already seduced for its hybrid side, namely a gaming headset capable of adapting to all uses. Whether it’s connected to your PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or even your smartphone, the idea is that it follows you everywhere. From a purely aesthetic point of view, it’s rather successful, Razer having taken over the lines that made the success of last year’s model. What is also significant with this Barracuda X lifestyle is that it moves away from what the snake brand usually does. No flashy color, no massive ear cups, and even less double headband, we had to be able to remain discreet at all costs, whatever the place and the circumstances. Inevitably, no RGB backlighting either, and too bad if that offends Razer fans from the start. However, we find the brand logo, quite discreet on each headset, a little less on the headband where the name Razer appears a bit too big for our taste, especially since it has been covered with a shiny surface. It was clearly not necessary, especially if it was necessary to play the discretion until the end. That said, the Barracuda X stands out above all for its sleek side, even more marked when you opt for the Mercury Edition and its porcelain white which gives it a certain elegance. However, with such a choice of colors, it must be taken into account that the helmet is subject to more visible dirt than any other color. Without forgetting that the abuse of sunbathing can also make the white yellow over the years. Razer or any other brand, it’s the big flaw of a device with a matte white coating, it’s not a scoop for anyone. Paradoxically, it is this mast that gives it a more than pleasant touch, beyond the very correct finishes for a mid-range helmet.



Weighing in at 250 grams, the Barracuda X is a surprisingly light helmet. Whether you hold it with your fingertips, or whether it’s screwed tightly on your ears, it really gives the feeling of being invisible, or almost, the fault perhaps of its ear cups which tend to squeeze if so we have a big head. But we’ll come back to that in a moment. To reach 250 grams, Razer has opted for all-plastic materials, except for the internal hoop which is metal. It is perhaps he who is the cause of a certain lack of flexibility in its design, and which tends to tighten the ears. We would also have liked the headband to deploy a little more, the latter being a little limited, which will be quite annoying for people with a large skull. Undoubtedly the only flaw of this device, which offers other undeniable qualities such as this fairly correct imitation leather headrest and these mesh fabric earpieces, very pleasant, but with a certain fragility. These can easily be damaged if you do not protect your helmet during transport. Moreover, since no carrying case is delivered with the device, we strongly advise you to get at least one bag to protect it from shocks if you carry it around in a handbag or a backpack. By opting for this mesh fabric, beyond its fragility, some may find perfectible sound insulation. It is true that in the Parisian metro, one can obviously be disturbed by ambient noises such as bells and doors which close violently, but indoors and in more closed places, these earpieces do the job perfectly. Given the mid-range price, you can’t ask it to be as well insulated as a device with an advanced noise reduction either.


In terms of connectors, the Barracuda X comes with the whole armada to be compatible with all devices on the market, with the exception of iPhones. No possible association with iOS or Xbox, Razer obviously deprives itself of a fringe of the population and we cannot say that the connections are always simplified. Like last year’s model, impossible to use Bluetooth technology, you have to plug in a USB-C dongle for the wireless connection. Razer has provided USB / USB-C adapters just in case, but these are additional connections to add, which is obviously far from aesthetic. We can console ourselves with a low latency rate and a more than correct range (about ten meters). A Jack port adapter comes with the headset, so it is still possible to fake, but the use of the headset will remain passive, that is to say without the proposed features. Its use is however simple to use with buttons placed under the left auricle and which allows once the helmet on to control the volume and the microphone which can be turned on or off. Nothing more. We would have liked No indication of autonomy, which is very regrettable, especially for a second model which could have erased the defects of the 2021 model.


In terms of performance, the Barracuda X does the job as a whole, but the main defect that we retain is an alteration of the sound, such as the presence of a veil which stifles the sound reproduction. It is the treble, moreover, that suffers in the first place with this feeling of loss of clarity that one can have, mainly on pieces of music. If we wanted to make an analogy, it would be like placing a pillow 1 meter in front of a speaker. This muffled effect is felt less during a gaming session, however, probably because the actions are much richer and the bass manages to envelop the sound as a whole. However, it should be noted that Razer has made a lot of effort since its inception, with a better treble/bass balance, the manufacturer previously tended to push the bass too much. As for the microphone, it can be perfectly detached from the device, and has a flexible structure that allows it to be malleable and therefore to be positioned perfectly in front of the user’s mouth. It comes with a windshield, which allows it to limit plosives and sibilance, but it will not escape the classic rendering of in-game microphones, the one that gives the impression of being set back. Nothing shocking compared to what is done elsewhere, especially since it manages to isolate the voice quite well from surrounding noise.

Razer SmartSwitch Dual Wireless (2.4 GHz and BT) and 3.5 Analog

Razer TriForce 40mm speakers

7.1 surround sound

Detachable Razer HyperClear Cardioid Microphone

FlowKnit memory foam cushions

Weight: 250 grams

Battery life: 50 hours

USB-C charging

Price: €119.99


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Razer Barracuda X (2022) review: gaming and lifestyle, the pretty marriage

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