Running at the speed of sound?

sonic superteam

Do you want to move at the speed of sound?

Then take part in a race with Sonic the adorable blue hedgehog and the emblematic characters of the video game: Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Metal Sonic and Rouge.

Yes this week, I’m showing you a “light” game for some, but which has been very successful with many players. And I’m sure you’ll join.

Goal of the game : Be the 1st team to cross the finish line.

Material : 1 game board, 8 figurines (Too kawaii), 73 cards (40 “Movement” cards, 20 “Bonus” cards, 4 “Team” cards, 1 “Special” card, 1 game rule.

Tric Trac

Tric Trac

Blue team: Sonic and Tails, Red team: Amy Rose and Knuckles,

Black team: Shadow and Silver, Yellow team: Metal Sonic and Red

Tric Trac

How do we play in a nutshell : the “movement” cards of all the teams and the “special” card are shuffled. Each player receives 6 randomly, it can be cards in your color, but most often with a majority of cards in the colors of others. Everyone takes turns playing a card to move a character. You will take back 6 cards only when your hand is empty.

Pay attention to the squares you land on: Some will fill you with joy [Anneaux dorés, bonus] and others much less [piques, looping].

It’s funny to see the kids only want to advance their characters. When they realize that they are forced to use the cards that serve to advance the opponents, they do so out of spite, but very quickly become enthusiastic by moving them to squares that slow them down. For example, when they uncover a double-choice box [Piques pour ralentir ou anneaux pour accélérer], they cannot hide their joy at placing the opposing runner on a “bad” box. They quickly understand all the subtlety of the game and the strategy takes over.

And above all: Even if Sonic moves at the speed of sound, he will not necessarily be the first to arrive.

An element of the game that children enjoy.

The least : The only downside is when storing figurines: “KIVAOU? » A game within the game 😊 We decided to take a photo and leave it in the box so that we don’t have to struggle to find the location of each figurine [Ne pas se moquer].

most : Usually very reluctant to licensed games, I admit to being pleasantly surprised. This is a good family racing game. It is simple, fast, gives confidence.

This game can be seen as an introduction to racing games, for non-gamers or occasional gamers. It prepares for other more “heavy” games, such as: Dicycle Race, Flamme rouge, Formula Dice, snowtails [Liste non exhaustive].

A beautiful adaptation of the Farwest Game by the same author, at Dujardin, but reworked: more dynamic race, shorter playing time, more twists.

And above all: The figurines are cute, kawaii!

A licensed game, with quality material and such pretty figurines at a very reasonable price: Around 26 €.

Technical sheet :

Game: Sonic super team

Author: Max Gerchambeau

Publisher: Zygomatic

Distributor: Asmodeus

Starting from 7 years old

2 to 4 players

For 20 min games.

Tric Trac

And to stay in the Sonic atmosphere, go gift:

The trailer for the film released on March 30, 2022. link

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Running at the speed of sound?

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