Samsung Gaming Hub: 250 games land on Samsung SmartTVs thanks to Amazon

News hardware Samsung Gaming Hub: 250 games land on Samsung SmartTVs thanks to Amazon

Gaming in the same place as your series is obviously Samsung’s bet, which launched its Samsung Gaming Hub service last June. After welcoming Xbox’s XCloud service, Stadia and GeForce Now, it’s the turn of a new service to point the tip of its nose on your Samsung smart TVs.

Samsung Gaming Hub: video games directly in the cloud on your TV

It was on June 30, 2022 that Samsung rolled out its Gaming Hub service to all of its SmartTVs released in 2022.

The South Korean brand relies on gaming to attract and keep its loyal customers. Thus, cloud video game services have landed on Samsung TVs, such as XCloud, GeForce Now or Stadia.

In addition to these services already available on Samsung SmartTVs, a new challenger is arriving: Amazon Luna.

Giant Amazon’s streaming gaming service is still in its infancy, but obviously Samsung already wants it on its TVs.

If we combine all the offers, we would easily exceed the 1000 games available, from Halo Infinite to Flight Simulator via Skyrim. Obviously, to take advantage of it you will need a subscription to each service, but also, Samsung has chosen to offer the Gaming Hub only to owners of smart TVs in 2022.

A debatable choice, but which seems obvious since the goal is above all to bring customers to their home. But who knows, maybe the service will roll out to other models in the near future.

In the meantime, here is the list of Smart TVs compatible with the Samsung Gaming Hub:

Amazon Luna finally arrives on the Samsung Gaming Hub… But not yet in France

With Amazon Luna, the American giant wants to offer an all-cloud experience, all in Full HD (1080p) at 60 fps. The Amazon Luna service is now available on Samsung TVs from 2022… But only in the United States and Canada…

Samsung shouldn’t be blamed, though, because here it was Amazon that chose not to roll out its game streaming service on a larger scale. It’s easy to imagine that the brand decided to test its platform before leaving the American territory, and that’s a good thing.

With the multiplication of the offer on cloud gaming services, many competitors have broken their teeth, so additional tests would not be refused.

As we already know, streaming services require a very stable connection, and even more so for video games that will have to run in Full HD and smoothly. Samsung has implemented compatibility with multiple controllers so that gamers can enjoy their cloud games without having to buy additional controllers.

From the Xbox Series, One or 360 controller to the adored Dual Sense, many controllers are fully compatible with the Samsung environment and in addition there are all the controllers specific to the services offered (Luna, Stadia, Shield Controller , etc.)

List of compatible controllers:

Samsung Gaming Hub: 250 games land on Samsung SmartTVs thanks to Amazon

While waiting for the service to be deployed internationally, you can already take advantage of XCloud, GeForce Now or even Google Stadia on Samsung 2022 TVs.

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Samsung Gaming Hub: 250 games land on Samsung SmartTVs thanks to Amazon

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