Temtem test – A serious alternative to Pokémon?

Four years after the end of the Kickstarter, Temtemthis Pokemon-like with sauce MMOs, finally released on PC and consoles. Available in early access since 2020, the game is published by Humble Bundle and developed by the Spanish studio cream. A child who, at the dawn of his 12th birthday, sets off on an adventure to discover the world, capture the creatures that live there and collect them… This is a pitch that anyone who has ever held a Nintendo console in their hands knows. The main question is whether this Pokemonlike has enough qualities to rise to the height of his model, even to overshadow him.

First of all, remember that if you choose to acquire Temtem on consoles (Switch, PS5 or Xbox), you will also need to have a online subscription. This is essential to be able to play. Indeed, there is no offline functionality or mode. No question, therefore, of making a small part of Temtem in the train. The game being an MMO, it was probably difficult to do otherwise, but it’s a shame for a hybrid console to be so limited…

Test condition: this test was carried out from a Switch version. We mainly played in nomadic mode. A few sessions on the dock allowed us to enjoy the graphics on a TV screen. We wrote this review after twenty hours of Game.

One day I will be the best trainer…

As you will have understood, the pitch is relatively classic: on theAirborne Archipelago, temtems and humans coexist peacefully since the dawn of time. Like all children your age, you dream of becoming a temtem trainer, exploring the six islands that make up the Archipelago and discovering new species.

The big day of Awakening has arrived and Professor Konstantinos promises your mother that he will accompany you to the famous Academy, a must-see place for all young trainers. After receiving your first Temtemyou are ready for the adventure.

Your goal? Defeat all eight dojo bosses and become the ultimate trainer. Soon, you will meet the members of the Belsoto clan – the great villains of history – who will not hesitate to put a spoke in your wheels.

This adventure, you can choose to live it alone. It is possible to finish the main plot solo. However, you can also call on friends occasionally or on a regular basis. Temtem being an MMO, interactions with other trainers are encouraged.

So you can, at any time, join forces with a friend to achieve your next goal. The possibility of go through the whole co-op adventure is really appreciated. Let us also recall that Temtem is both cross-platform and cross-save: it is therefore quite possible for a PC player to join the game of a console player and vice versa.

A rich adventure, substantial endgame content


Count between 50 and 60 hours to quietly end the main storyline. The game could be very talkative at the beginning of its early access but many dialogues have been reduced. We appreciated the touches of humor present.

On the sidelines of the main scenario, you will find a multitude of side quests, not always super inspired, but which have the merit of helping you to evolve your temtems and earn some money (very useful at the end of the game!) .

Difficulty level, Temtem offers more resistance than Pokémon adventures. The farm is entirely part of the gameplay and you will not be able to overcome the masters of the dojos with a single temtem. You will need to train your whole team and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each type to be truly effective in combat.

Once the main adventure is over, you can enjoy a rather substantial endgame content. Taking the time to complete the tempedia entirely, embarking on reproduction, going on a hunt for luma (the equivalent of shiny), participating in the fishing contest, fighting the masters of the dojos again are all activities in which you can always indulge once the main quest is completed.

Technically, Temtem is stable. We encountered a few slowdowns, perhaps due to our own connection, but we never got disconnected.

The universe of Temtem is generally quite colorful; however, the combat sets are a bit lackluster. The animations are very pretty and the artistic direction, if not to please everyone, is coherent. The sumptuous soundtrack by Damian Sanchez paces the adventure wonderfully.

Competitions and Battle Pass


Temtem aims to be competitive. The game offers the possibility to challenge any other trainer, in a friendly or competitive combat. The title also includes a mode pick&ban : first, you choose 10 creatures; then, in turn, each trainer chooses a temtem and banishes another until each maintains a team of 5 temtems. The fight can then begin.

In Temtemit is possible to customize your avatar with many cosmetic elements. The game store also offers you to buy, with real money, Novas (the Premium currency of the game), which you can, for example, invest in cosmetic elements.

In this sense, Temtem is not a pay-to-win but it is true that it can be frustrating to have to pay, in addition to the price of the basic game and an Internet subscription (if you play on console), for some additional cosmetic elements. Note also that the Novas are tied to the platform on which you purchased them.

In addition to the Novas, the game will soon offer the purchase of a Battle Pass or battle pass, at the price of 6€. It provides a slew of customization items, an experience bonus, and four additional weekly quests. According to the developers, this Battle Pass would gather enough currency to buy the next one.

A truly original game?


Temtem does not try to hide that he draws his inspiration from pokemon, both in terms of gameplay and game design, but does it really manage to stand out?

First of all, the battles of temtems are systematically done in 2v2 but it is not really a novelty compared to the license of Game Freak. Temtems can know up to four different skills simultaneously, but they can also respawn previously forgotten ones (which wasn’t impossible in Pokemon but less easy).

There where Temtem stands out a little more from its source of inspiration, it is in theabsence of random factors like accuracy or critical hits. Theoretically, the result of a fight can therefore be calculated in advance.

Of course, it will be necessary to take into account the synergized techniques, which become more powerful if the second temtem belongs to a specific type. This is a novelty that we appreciated. Also, some techniques are associated with a number of turns that the temtem must wait before they can use them, which adds a bit of strategy in the fights.

Finally, each temtem has a stamina bar which fully regenerates between each fight. To use a technique, the temtem must tap into this stamina. If he doesn’t have enough, fatigue will cause him to use his own HP to attack.

Temtem is therefore not a carbon copy of the games Pokemon. The title of Crema offers some novelties – in particular by its MMO dimension, but does not really revolutionize the genre.

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Temtem test – A serious alternative to Pokémon?

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