Almost 30 years later, a new cheat code discovered in a cult SNES game!

news tip Almost 30 years later, a new cheat code discovered in a cult SNES game!

Video games will never cease to surprise us, let alone those of our childhood! Today, it’s a cult game from the Super Nintendo that is once again being talked about with, quite simply, the discovery of a secret code allowing it to be played by two people, and which had remained totally unknown since 1994… since was sold as a strictly solo title!

Super Punch Out!! was it one of the cult games of your childhood, or did you regret not being able to fight with your friends (or members of your family) as on a good old Street Fighter II, the fault with the absence of a mode two players? Well, imagine that this Super Nintendo exclusive, heir to the famous Punch-Out!! of that good old NES, contained a secret hitherto never discovered, and which has just been finally revealed 28 years after its initial release: Super Punch Out!! does contain a hidden 2-player mode! Quite a surprise for a title historically known to be only playable in solo (and sold as such by its publisher at the time), and what’s more, also works on the Nintendo Switch version of the game via the Super Nintendo application accessible to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers…


  • Multiplayer in an officially single-player game?
  • A “cheat code” discovered almost 30 years later
  • How to two player on Super Punch-Out!! ?
  • A 2-player mode forgotten by Nintendo by mistake?

Multiplayer in an officially single-player game?

Almost 30 years later, a new cheat code discovered in a cult SNES game!

The back of the game’s French box makes no mention of a multiplayer mode. (credit: messan84)

Video games have always been full of yet unrevealed secrets, but enthusiasts like Unlisted Cheats allow players around the world to be informed of surprising discoveries. In this case, his latest discovery concerns the existence of a 2-player mode hidden in a game supposed to be playable exclusively in solo mode: Super Punch-Out!!, released in 1994 on Super Nintendo. However, at the time, never any promotion of the title of nintendo made no mention of any multiplayer, and the box of the game did not mention the possibility of playing it for two.

As a result, if the players probably regretted at the time not being able to compete on it, especially on a console with as many multiplayer hits as the SNES gave us (like Street Fighter II of course, but also Super Mario Kart or Super Bomberman 2 to name only the most obvious), no one had probably ever expected anything from Super Punch-Out!! at this level. And since no magazine has ever mentioned the subject in the “tips and tricks” sections of the time (the predecessors of the ETAJV and your favorite site!), no player had doubtless wondered if this could be possible…

A “cheat code” discovered almost 30 years later

However, this game published in September 1994 in North America was far from having revealed all its secrets. Without anyone seeing it coming, Unlisted Cheats revealed the existence of a hidden 2 player mode. The latter is however relatively simple to activate when you discover the pot of roses: it is based on a simple “cheat code” that no magazine of the time ever mentioned, and which turns out to work a little in the same way as the activation of the ghost played by the console on Super Mario Kart in time trial, with the use of a second controller. While two cheat codes were already known (one consisting of unlocking the “sound test”, the other offering the possibility of entering a player’s name in Japanese characters), the most interesting cheat codes of Super Punch-Out!! had simply never been found!

The manipulation here consists of using two controllers, whether on a vintage Super Nintendo console (if you still have one with the original cartridge) or on a more recent medium with the game. Several alternatives are available here. , like the virtual console version of the game on Wii or Wii U of the game (but not on Nintendo 3DS, where the virtual console exclusive to the New 3DS does not allow two players to play simultaneously, and this on none of the SNES games available), or the Super Nintendo Classic Mini console, or the Super Nintendo application for the Nintendo Switch (a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required to use it, and you will of course have to make sure that the application is set to mode 2 players before launching the game).

You can try to play Super Punch-Out!! on the Nintendo Switch Online Super Nintendo app.

Almost 30 years later, a new cheat code discovered in a cult SNES game!Almost 30 years later, a new cheat code discovered in a cult SNES game!

Once at the Super Punch-Out!! title screen, the player using controller #2 must hold the Y and R buttons, and “player 1” must then press “Start” at this time to access the character selection interface. Attention, the second player must hold Y and R until you arrive on the screen offering you to choose your opponent! If you arrive on the game selection screen, it means that the manipulation has not been carried out correctly.

Once on the interface of the roster, player 2 must this time hold the B and Y buttons, then player 1 must validate with “Start”, a new time. Again it will be necessary the second player holds down B and Y until the battle screen appears. And there, magic: instead of accessing a solo game sequence where you face an AI, as should normally be the case, the second player can control the character originally intended to be played by the console! You can now compete in Super Punch-Out!!, nearly 28 years after its release, and arguably just as long after you stopped dreaming of such a possibility…

Note that if we did not have the opportunity to test this code on the original game (the author of these lines will admit that he could have exchanged one of the 18 Super Nintendo PALs lying around for a copy of this game he never had in his collection), several player testimonials have confirmed its operation on the period hardware, as well as on the Super Nintendo Classic Mini, that counts Super Punch-Out!! among its pre-installed games. It is also more than likely that the manipulation is also functional on the virtual console versions Wii and Wii U of the title, although we couldn’t verify this for ourselves.

The cheat code to play Super Punch-Out!! for two works on the Nintendo Switch Online version.

A 2-player mode forgotten by Nintendo by mistake?

Almost 30 years later, a new cheat code discovered in a cult SNES game!

In a dystopian future, Silent_Jay has therefore converted to fighting, one of his great passions.

Now a question arises: why didn’t Nintendo sell Super Punch-Out!! as a multiplayer title, in the blessed era of two-player 2D fighting games? It remains a mystery, although we can suspect the famous firm of having probably forgotten to remove what was a development tool and / or internal test before marketing its game. We will probably never get the answer , and maybe many children and teenagers of the 90s will regret not having been able to enjoy this very good title in even better conditions (and massively extend its lifespan), yet acclaimed at the time by magazines lamenting quite a few flaws in general, with the exception of… the absence of a multiplayer mode. A shame, knowing that it existed, but that nobody knew it and that it was however accessible to anyone with a terribly simple code which is more…

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Almost 30 years later, a new cheat code discovered in a cult SNES game!

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