Oddworld: Soulstorm is coming to Nintendo Switch

Oddworld: Soulstorm is coming to Nintendo Switch

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Microids and Oddworld Inhabitants are pleased to announce that the award-winning action-adventure platformer Oddworld: Soulstorm will be released on Nintendo Switch under the title Oddtimized Edition. Fans who will pre-order the editions Limited Edition and Collector’s Oddition at participating retailers will receive the game’s original soundtrack and a digital artbook as a bonus.

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Discover the physical editions of Oddworld: Soulstorm for Nintendo Switch, now available for pre-order!

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The edition Limited offers the game in an exclusive metal case including 24 cartridge slots as well as 3 lithographs.

1658840878 495 Oddworld Soulstorm is coming to Nintendo Switch

The edition collector understand :

  • A collector’s box
  • The standard edition of the game for Nintendo Switch
  • An exclusive metal case including 24 cartridge slots
  • A 22 cm silver figurine of Abe, Mudokon hero in spite of himself
  • A 160-page premium artbook produced in partnership with Les Éditions Pix’n Love
  • A unique keyring
  • Three lithographs
  • A sheet of Tribal Alphabet stickers
  • A temporary tattoo imitating that of Abe’s hand

AboutOddworld: Soulstorm for nintendo-switch

Oddworld: Soulstormthe award-winning sequel to the hit game Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, is an epic and explosive action-adventure platformer. Optimized for the Nintendo Switch, this version takes advantage of the unique strengths of the platform and offers the same gameplay as the versions of the other platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Epic Games Store), with an incomparable Switch flavor!

In Soulstorm, you must aid Abe in his quest to free over 1,000 Mudokons from the shackles of slavery. Face an uncertain future while shedding light on a forgotten past. Trust your instincts and dexterity to avoid detection, overcome countless odds, and ignite the spark that will ignite a true revolution.

Choose your strategy carefully, opting for infiltration or brute force using the collected objects to make powerful weapons. Decide on the most optimal way to fight your oppressors and save all Mudokons.

Your in-game decisions and the number of lives you save in each level will affect the outcome you get: with four unique endings, the choices you make will influence the grand finale you experience, and possibly allow you to unlock the last two explosive chapters of the game…

Can you save all the Mudokons?

Features :

  • An explosive action-adventure platformer : The title evolves the platform game genre by adding RPG elements while offering more freedom to players. Stealth pick your enemies’ pockets, loot lockers and scavenge trash cans to collect resources. Trade them through Vending Machines for Items: These give you greater choice in how to complete the game’s many challenges. Use the resources collected to create items that you can use as weapons or tools on characters or obstacles, equip your fellow Mudokons and watch the revolution you initiated ignite.
  • An epic adventure : Oddworld: Soulstorm offers an epic 2.9D adventure with about fifteen hours of lifespan, which proves to be even more substantial for all trophy hunters and ‘completers’. The game also incorporates stunning large-scale environments that allow you to explore the different universes in depth.
  • Start a real revolution : the title offers a dark scenario with biting humour, full of irony about the human condition. Our hero Abe, a slave exploited by powerful corporations of which he is only a cog, will fight to save the companions he meets along the way, becoming during his journey the initiator of a vast revolution.
  • Notice to Completists : Can you save all the Mudokons in the game? Can you get the best ending and unlock the two ultimate levels? Search all the bins and lockers, kill or peacefully defeat all the enemies or even find all the hidden areas of the game? More than 3 million players have had the opportunity to try it… Will you be the first to achieve it on Nintendo Switch?
  • Multiple endings : Soulstorm includes 15 levels plus two that can be unlocked at the very end of the game. In addition, the title offers four different endings, which will depend on your Quarma: this is based on the number of Mudokons you save at each level. If you manage to save enough Mudokons in all 17 levels, you will get one of the good endings of the game. But if your Quarma score is not high enough, your fate will be more… dire! Don’t panic, you can always replay each level to improve your Quarma level and try to unlock the best ending.

Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition is already available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store and Steam.



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Oddworld: Soulstorm is coming to Nintendo Switch

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