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The splatoonesque identity to the end of the tentacles

The challenge was daunting: to bring out a Splatoon game on the same console, 5 years after the release of the second opus which had already greatly appealed to players. To do this and in order not to get bogged down in the criticism of episode 2.5 bringing only small improvements, the developers had to offer a game with a strong and singular identity.

Splatoon 3 sets the tone with its opening sequence which allows the player to choose between the two races present in the game, namely the Inklings and the Octolings, in the middle of arid lands. This hostile, strange and disturbing environment hosts the remains of an extinct human civilization. The paid formula is reminiscent of the choices made at the beginning of the year in Kirby and the Forgotten World, so it will not disorient the faithful of Nintendo productions.

The solo mode embedded in the game thus offers us a mix between the traditional solo levels of Splatoon 1 and 2 and those of the DLC Octo Expansion of Splatoon 2 which had received a very positive reception. The single-player experience thus consists of going through individual levels accessible by trapdoors where it is a question of overcoming obstacles, while overcoming enemies on the way, in order to free a fish-loader.

The game offers a rich experience since the player can frequently choose which weapon to take from a selection, with some earning more points than others. These points or more precisely these eggs because fish eggs are the sinews of war in this mode, are then very useful in the Alterna world hub.

They allow to clean the stigmata left by the hairy threat of this opus, the mammals. A little like a Mario Sunshine or even more precisely a Mario Galaxy, we gradually unlock the accessible spaces of the world and we progress with pleasure and without ever too much redundancy or excessive ease in this solo mode which acts as a huge tutorial.

Other new features are on the program, such as a skill tree that allows you to improve your character’s skills, which is rather useful for overcoming the bosses that the game puts in your way.

The player can thus refine his technique to shine in multiplayer, the heart of the Splatoon experience.

Fun at the rendezvous in multiplayer

On the multiplayer side, everything is there, better but without new additional game mode. The developers have indeed chosen a formula that gives pride of place to the content already existing in previous editions of Splatoon, while making subtle and sufficient modifications to renew and magnify the experience once in game.

Neophytes will not necessarily notice at first sight the evolution crossed by the game in terms of versatility, flexibility and dynamism. Veteran players of the game who constitute a significant audience and the spearhead of the esports competitions defended by Nintendo will not feel cheated by the changes adopted by Splatoon 3.

As for players wishing to try out the competition, it should be noted the small revolution of pro matches which more than simply benefit from a new name: Anarchy, also see an evolution of the score counting system.

Who risks big wins big and now the most daring will glean the points to move up in rank to the famous X coveted in series mode, while the more timid will have fun in open mode, less dangerous for the stock of accumulated points.

If we had to sum up the transformations made to multiplayer, we would sum them up in three words: dynamism, density and explosiveness.

The increased dynamism of the game is the first noticeable change. Whether it’s the speed of action, the shortened loading times and the squid deployment which is the new method of arrival on the combat maps, the feeling of breathless and rhythmic parts drum beating is indeed present.

Never in Splatoon has the player been so invested in his game and forced to keep his concentration. This particularly benefits game modes based on a rapid arrival at a given point, such as the risky expedition or the bazookarp mission in which the players must all converge on the same point.

Shortening the waiting time and increasing the mobility of the players makes it possible to reinforce the turnarounds and make the snatch victories and the theatrical events in the last seconds more immersive.

The game is also intended to be denser in general, thanks to the increased possibilities of matchmaking which offer players great freedom in the constitution of random teams or friends to go into battle.

We appreciate the menus completely revised for the occasion and the slew of options and possibilities that allow you to enjoy during the matches but also before, between and after the matches!

We now have the much more convenient possibility, for example, of going for a walk in the available maps, some new ones, and not necessarily alone but also with friends and in the game mode that we want. These sandbox modes are just waiting for the imagination of the most creative to invent their own rules and have fun outside the framework provided by the game.

From now on, between matches, everything no longer happens only in somewhat austere and limited menus. Splatoon 3 takes the position of keeping the player in the game position as much as possible. Indeed, whether it is the Hall for online matches or the Camaralcade space for local network matches, the two spaces are now concrete physical spaces where one can navigate and attend to many occupations.

The first of these is the training room which becomes the main playground where before it was only a phased area and accessible from the weapon shop. Now the player can train in this vast hall filled with mannequins of all sizes and try out the new techniques introduced in combat, for example.

The game also carries a good dose of explosiveness with its whole panoply of new equipment which not only allows you to personalize your character and experience more than ever, but also a choice of weapons and in particular revised and largely renewed special weapons.

Due to a special gauge that fills up faster than ever and weapons with powerful powers, the moments of danger are omnipresent in part and increase the pleasure of the confrontations a little more.


A third opus that proudly bears his name

If we have listed new features that are largely due to renewed in-game sensations thanks to good ergonomics, denser options or greater responsiveness, Splatoon 3 also offers new features that are strictly speaking pleasant.

We admit, however, that we would not sulk our pleasure if other novelties were added to the list in the future.

In terms of real changes, it is worth mentioning the Salmon run mode, now accessible 100% of the time. This game mode sees four players cooperating against three waves of enemies on reduced maps, in order to recover a given number of golden eggs, like a wave of zombies. If the principle remains unchanged in Splatoon 3, additions and modifications bring a very pleasant breath of fresh air.

There is thus a small series of new bosses which are added to those already existing, enough to bring challenge in ever more explosive waves because they also benefit from a greater general reactivity.

A technique is also emerging: the throwing of golden eggs which revolutionizes the mechanics in play, sometimes saving the situation in extremis and breaking the endless back and forth to the basket.

Finally the game has a fourth bonus wave called Salmonarque with the appearance of an enemy of disproportionate size that must be defeated as quickly as possible. Suffice to say that its appearance never leaves you indifferent and encourages you to surpass yourself to accumulate bonuses.

Note also that like the other modes, the waiting area dedicated to the Salmon run has become real and you can also train on mannequins and see the members of your group thanks to an ingenious hologram system.

The novelties introduced by Splatoon 3 do not stop there. The tricolor festival matches promised to revolutionize the experience. They haven’t yet won all the votes, the fault of a bad balance at the expense of the team of four in defense against the two teams of two in attack. We hope for regulation during the next festivals which will surely be regular.

Some will also have fun with the completely new features of the ability to customize their personal locker with the help of a new accessible general store, while others will spend their time cooking up strategies in the new little card game that is he does not justify the investment towards episode 3 of Splatoon, allows you to air out with a strategic spirit that will delight board game enthusiasts.


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