Final details on the Nintendo Wii U before its release

No Crysis 3 or Lords of Shadow 2 on Wii U

Nintendo unveiled the latest details on its new Wii U home console yesterday, a few days before its release on November 30 in France. Summary of key information.

First, Nintendo specifies the operation of its user account system (12 accounts maximum per console). Everyone must create their account and associate a Mii to it. Settings and backups are also associated with it (some games allow multi-account backup).

Online services require the creation of a special identifier (Nintendo Network ID), to which purchases on the online store (eShop) are linked. This identifier also allows you to connect with other players (as with friend codes on Wii). On the other hand, the games and their DLC will be usable by all users of the same console.

The Nintendo Network ID can be linked to the identifiers of the networks specific to the game publishers (Ubisoft Uplay, EA account, etc.) and will work in the future with other Nintendo applications which will be available on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Finally, Satoru Iwata (president of Nintendo) specifies that the contents and backups of the Wii can be transferred to Wii U via a simple SD card.

The Wii U Chat is also presented and can be used with the TV on or simply with the Wii U Gamepad (the camera is integrated into this device). You can then use the touch screen of the controller to draw during the video chat.

Multitasking is very real on Wii U and allows you to send messages or surf the net during a paused game. You can also choose to play on the Wii U Gamepad rather than on the television, provided you stay relatively close to the console of course (wireless link).

We also discover the Mii place “WaraWara Plaza” which plays the role of home screen of the Wii U. Icons represent the games and the players can chat around thanks to their Mii avatars. Of course, all our friends are also represented on the screen and we can start discussions with them and read their messages.

Finally, the Miiverse (Mii universe) is highlighted and takes on the appearance of a Nintendo social network, where players can leave messages, screenshots and other comments. We can then help each other during games or more generally chat with friends.

Note that a karaoke function will be available for the Japanese, known to particularly appreciate this activity.

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Final details on the Nintendo Wii U before its release

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