Can the Steam Deck become the new PlayStation Portable?

It has been a few months now that some players can enjoy their Steam Deck, this “small“portable game console developed by Valve, and capable (among other things) of running many PC games. While some also take malicious pleasure in taking advantage of the many emulators available, it is also possible to enjoy, directly on the Steam Deck screen, many PlayStation exclusives. And for some, the Steam Deck seems to be increasingly turning into a new PlayStation Portable.

Lots of PlayStation exclusives… but on Steam Deck!

Indeed, it’s been a few long months since Sony decided to bring some of its exclusives to PC. We find in particular games like Days Gone or Horizon Zero Dawn, but also the excellent God of War and recently a certain Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. Added to this are games like Death Stranding or Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. So many games that are “verified” for the Steam Deck, and which are therefore perfectly playable on the machine.

Obviously, if on PlayStation the games in question can be played mainly on the living room console, via the Steam Deck, you can enjoy a 100% nomadic experience. According to Jay Peters of The Verge, referring to the recent Spider-Man: “Making a game portable means I’m more likely to play it in smaller chunks, so I found myself using a few minutes here and there to fix police antennae and unlock more of the map.

The best PlayStation games in “handheld” mode

The latter evokes a feeling similar to that caused by Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch, with a major game, to be enjoyed on the living room TV as well as on the console screen. Technically speaking, the Steam Deck version of Spider-Man is inferior to the PS4 version, with a frame rate that hovers between 30 and 60 fps and some slightly less shiny textures. The experience is still very pleasant, except that Spider-Man would tend to make the Steam Deck fan scream…

Steam Deck games list


Via the Steam Deck, Sony has therefore already transposed several flagship and exclusive games from its home console to a portable console. Even though the games available today have usually arrived years after their release, Sony seems to want to shorten that window for upcoming titles, and games like Miles Morales and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will arrive this year, as will the remake of The Last of Us, also in development on PC. It is also rumored that Returnal could soon tumble on PC.

In other words, it could well be that the Steam Deck, without constituting any PlayStation Portable worthy of the name of course, will quickly become a privileged place for many players to enjoy, in nomadic version, the best Sony exclusives, without having to have any PlayStation console.

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Can the Steam Deck become the new PlayStation Portable?

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