Fortnite’s Successor? Rumbleverse Releases Free On Xbox, PlayStation And PC

Not to be confused with the recent release Multiverse, the melee-focused battle royale title Rumbleverse promises a fresh take on what some might consider an oversaturated genre. But as a battle royale with Epic Games behind it, anyone who knows any other of Epic’s battle royales knows this one could be a big, big deal.

Released today for free on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, Rumbleverse takes no time in all that boring exposition and instead shoots you with a cannon, straight into Grapital City. It’s a city purpose-built with verticality in mind, all with the goal of hosting the greatest melee combat battle known to man.

You and thirty-nine others will be slaughtered in Grapital City, aiming to be the last one standing. However, instead of your standard assault rifle and sniper fare, Rumbleverse emphasizes close combat, with a range of melee weapons to be found as loot across the map. You’ll also need to acquire a number of wacky abilities that you can use in a fight, upgrading said abilities and weapons as well, as the numbers start to dwindle…


As with any battle royale, to keep players engaged between fights, the traversal system needs to be on point. From the looks of things, climbing is a huge part of the fluid motion system Epic has engineered, as is bouncing on cars reminiscent of cult classics. Overdrive at sunset!

The visuals look cartoonish and colorful, and a battle royale wouldn’t be a battle royale these days without a Battle Pass to progress through, unlocking unique cosmetics for your brawler.

Rumbleverse is now available for free on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC, with full cross-play and cross-save available between these platforms. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to take a copy of the Xbox Storeor the market corresponding to the device of your choice.

Description of the game:

Rumbleverse™ is a brand new free-to-play 40-person Brawler Royale where anyone can be a champion. You play as your own unique citizen of Grapital City, as you battle your way to victory! Customize your fighter by mixing and matching hundreds of unique items and stand out from the crowd. Launch from a cannon, take to the streets and throw yourself! Where you land is up to you, but watch out, there’s chaos around every corner and on top of every skyscraper! Jump from roof to roof and smash open crates in search of weapons and upgrades. Each turn is a new opportunity to discover new moves and perks that will give you the edge in your quest for glory.

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Fortnite’s Successor? Rumbleverse Releases Free On Xbox, PlayStation And PC

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