PlayStation Now on smartphone? A Sony project revealed in an Apple document

A confidential document from Apple suggests that, as early as 2017, Sony was planning to offer its PlayStation Now service in a smartphone version.

PlayStation Now on smartphone? A Sony project revealed in an Apple document

Could Sony’s PlayStation Now have landed on our smartphones? This is in any case what suggests a confidential note from Apple brought to light by the journalists of The Verge by rummaging through the documents unearthed by the court case between the apple and Epic Games (and normally intended for the attorneys general).

The project would date back to 2017. Sony would have started preparing for the smartphone launch of its cloud gaming service. And according to the famous document quoted by The VergeApple would have had wind of this project at the time.

The PS Now in mobile version?

The Cupertino company thus evokes “mobile extension [pas encore annoncée] an existing streaming service for PlayStation users, with streaming access to over 450 PS3 games to start, and PS4 games for later“.

The PS Now appears in the

PS Now is among the mobile services in Apple’s confidential document // Source: The Verge

However, after being deployed on several devices, the PS Now ended up focusing on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs before landing on PlayStation 5 as well. The service, however, never saw the light of day on Android, iOS or Mac.

Why did Apple need to quote this “mobile extension»? You should know that this internal report is preparatory work for Apple Arcade which will be released two years later. The company therefore carried out competitive intelligence.

The Spartacus Project

This information about a potential PS Now on smartphone comes shortly after revelations about a certain “Spartacus” project from Sony. The latter should transform the PlayStation Plus into a kind of Game Pass to better face Xbox. For its part, the PS Now service would disappear to become a component of this new offer.

Pending official confirmation or more information on this file, there is nothing to know if this Sony-style Game Pass could also land in a mobile version. Apple’s document just shows that the Japanese giant thought about it at some point.

Cloud gaming on iPhone

Moreover, the question of cloud gaming on iPhone is still not settled. The strict conditions of the App Store prevent Microsoft, Google, Shadow and others from offering a proper application. They must go through a browser to make their catalog of video games available to users.

This context can cool the possible ambitions of Sony. It’s also possible that the company would rather focus on selling its consoles and let interested people use the PS Remote Play app to stream their PS4 or PS5 to their smartphones.

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PlayStation Now on smartphone? A Sony project revealed in an Apple document

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