Logitech G formalizes its portable game console dedicated to cloud gaming designed with Tencent

Boulanger changes the rules of the game with the

Failing to discover its appearance, which had already been the subject of a leak a few weeks ago, we at least learned its name – and even had the opportunity to take it in hand. It is therefore under the name Logitech G Cloud that we now know the portable game console designed specifically for … Read more

How has gaming become the new playground for brands?

How has gaming become the new playground for brands

What is the dominant media of an era? “He’s the one that keeps teenagers awake at night“, answers the mediologist Régis Debray, quoted by Raphaël Llorca at the microphone of Floriane Sagères, deputy editor-in-chief of Marketing Magazine and creator of the podcast Campaign Marketing ! But no offense to the essayist, who uses this quote … Read more

Razer Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition TEST: a VERY HIGH-END gaming chair at almost 1,500 euros!

Razer Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition TEST a VERY HIGH END gaming

It is during the RazerCon 2021so last year, that Razer announced the range of chairss gaming Razer Enki Pro. With a larger seat than the standard range Enkiwhich had the main drawback of not being comfortable for the tallest among us, them Enki Pro Since then, they have been playing shoulder to shoulder in the … Read more

Syn Max Air: Roccat’s wireless gaming headset goes to the next level, and so does its price

Roccat Syn Max Air Introductory price 250 € In the absence of offers discover See more offers The Syn Pro Air did not particularly mark our minds during its passage in our editorial office, but this is obviously not what will stop Roccat’s plans to fill its catalog. This one signs a new version of … Read more

The future of cloud gaming will be without Stadia (Google)

The future of cloud gaming will be without Stadia Google

It’s been in the air for a while: Google has formalized the coffining of Stadia, its cloud gaming platform launched in 2019. But the company’s impact in this area should not be minimized. Could it be otherwise? Google Stadia, launched with great fanfare in November 2019, will never celebrate its fourth candle. The firm announced … Read more

What is the best gaming keyboard to choose in 2022?

What is the best gaming keyboard to choose in 2022

Generally accompanied by colored backlighting – also called RGB – and configurable controls, professional keyboards must withstand intensive use. This selection of the best models of the moment allows you to find the ideal gaming keyboard for you or for a loved one. The selection of the 10 best gaming keyboards of the moment EMPIRE … Read more

EDward Gaming also flew to the United States for Worlds 2022

The 2021 World Champions flew yesterday to the United States, host country of the League of Legends Worlds 2022 Main Event, which kicks off on October 7 in New York, at the Hulu Theater at Madison. SquareGarden. EDward Gaming comes to defend his title of world champion The 2022 League of Legends Worlds, or Worlds, … Read more

Fallout 76, Total War, FIFA: games and content offered in October by Amazon Prime Gaming

Fallout 76 Total War FIFA games and content offered in

Amazon Prime subscribers can grab 7 free PC games and lots of content for very popular games (Fall Guys, Assassin’s Creed, Roblox, Destiny 2…) Like every month, Amazon pampers its players subscribed to the Prime offer. In addition to enjoying original content offered with Prime Video, music with Prime Music, they can also retrieve PC … Read more

Our selection of gaming steering wheels for PC

Our selection of gaming steering wheels for PC

SHOPPING The editorial staff of Europe 1 did not participate in the production of this article. With a PC steering wheel, experience a real driving sensation and shift gears like in real life! Much more practical than a classic gamepad, the gaming steering wheel is very realistic and often comes with pedals and a gear … Read more