Evil West preview – Being a cowboy who hunts vampires seems like a good plan

Evil West preview Being a cowboy who hunts vampires

Evil Westthe new game from the little guys at Flying Wild Hog, to whom we recently owe a decent Shadow Warrior 3, had rather seduced us on its few gameplay trailers with its overall feeling. Despite its two-month postponement, we had the opportunity to test it with the controller in hand for good. Taking place … Read more

Dominaria united: what is this old plan, there?

Dominaria united what is this old plan there

The previews of United Dominaria will take place this weekend. After treating us to cyberpunk samurai mechs and striped-suited bootleg demons, Magic takes us back to familiar territory, to its homeworld, with the return of antagonists almost as old: the Phyrexian menace is back. With Dominaria, we are therefore back in the rather generic medieval-fantasy … Read more

Could modified train cars capture carbon from the air? This team has a plan to make it happen

Journal Reference: E. Bachman, Alexandra Tavasoli, T. Alan Hatton, Christos T. Maravelias, Erik Haites, Peter Styring, Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Jeffrey MacIntosh, Geoffrey Ozin. Rail-based direct air carbon capture. Joule, 2022; 6 (7): 1368 DOI: 10.1016/j.joule.2022.06.025 Stationary direct air capture facilities require large areas of land to house their equipment and construct the renewable energy sources required … Read more

🔥 Super Plan: 3 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for €48 instead of €450!

Super Plan 3 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for

The best trick available on the market to take advantage of a cheap Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is back with a new promo code exclusive to Xboxygen! With the Xbox Game Pass conversion that we detail here, 3 years of subscription cost €47.62 instead of €467 for non-subscribers. It’s simply unbeatable. Xbox Game Pass … Read more

Medicaid health plan community health workers have positive impact on care

Journal Reference: Michele Heisler, Adrienne Lapidos, Edith Kieffer, James Henderson, Rebeca Guzman, Jasmina Cunmulaj, Jason Wolfe, Trish Meyer, John Z. Ayanian. Impact on Health Care Utilization and Costs of a Medicaid Community Health Worker Program in Detroit, 2018–2020: A Randomized Program Evaluation. American Journal of Public Health, 2022; e1 DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2021.306700 And that may lead … Read more