10 Best Video Games To Play This Month (Updated For October 2022) | Pretty Reel

10 Best Video Games To Play This Month Updated For

The start of 2022 began with surprisingly high-profile releases, including a mainline Pokémon game, PC ports, FromSoftware’s latest Souls-like epic, and remasters of acclaimed PlayStation games. However, things continue to fill the vast catalog of 2022 games until October. After a solid year filled with blockbusters, October will be relatively quieter, but still with some … Read more

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: 10 best games in the Xeno series according to Metacritic | Pretty Reel

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 10 best games in the Xeno series

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 should be one of the best JRPGs of the year. The game takes elements from previous games in the series and combines them, creating a game that is essentially the best parts of previous Chronicles games. That being said, it’s still a great place for new players! The series is, however, much … Read more

Razer Barracuda X (2022) review: gaming and lifestyle, the pretty marriage

Razer Barracuda X 2022 review gaming and lifestyle the pretty

Already released in the summer of 2021, the Barracuda X from Razer is actually an update of the model which had already seduced for its hybrid side, namely a gaming headset capable of adapting to all uses. Whether it’s connected to your PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or even your smartphone, the idea is that it … Read more

Best PlayStation Minecraft Seeds for September 2022 | Pretty Reel

Best PlayStation Minecraft Seeds for September 2022 Pretty Reel

Find the best Minecraft seeds on Playstation for September to generate maps that give players the best possible landscapes and resources. No world in Minecraft is created equal, but there are better word seeds to explore. Finding a rare structure or ensuring better survival through resources easily accessible from spawn can result in incredibly dynamic … Read more

Should you modify your Nintendo Switch? Everything you need to know | Pretty Reel

Should you modify your Nintendo Switch Everything you need to

As the Nintendo Switch enters its fifth year, some Switch owners are debating the pros and cons of modding their Switch consoles, a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A modified Switch can potentially open the door to using cheats in games, accessing homebrew games, or even emulating older consoles. But modifying a Switch voids … Read more

10 Most Overrated PlayStation 2 Games, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel

10 Most Overrated PlayStation 2 Games According To Reddit

Although modern games such as Elden Ring and Stray push the boundaries of gaming to new heights, some gamers can’t help but look back on the great titles of the past. While the PlayStation 2 is one of the greatest consoles of all time, some of its most famous titles are overrated. From beloved sequels … Read more

Hyenas actually looks like a pretty fun shooter – if you can get over Sega’s auto-erotic love

Hyenas actually looks like a pretty fun shooter if

total war, Alien: Isolation, hyenas — three games whose tone couldn’t be further apart if they tried. However, it is creative assembly for you: a British institution known for its quality and prestige, which came out of nowhere (well, not quite out of nowhere) earlier this year to unveil Hyenas – a multiplayer, multi-team shooter … Read more

Nintendo is doing pretty well in the first half of 2022 < News < Nintendo Power

GSD (Games Sales Data) is a statistical report compiled by the European federation of interactive software, the ISFE, a structure based in Brussels whose vocation is to defend the interests of the sector at European level. All the major publishers are members of this association, including Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft on the manufacturer-publisher side, Activision … Read more

Pretty Princess Party (Nintendo Switch) – The test – Nintendo-Town.fr

1650907672 Pretty Princess Party Nintendo Switch The test Nintendo Townfr

Alice in Wonderland cheap version Pretty Princess picks up a little the story of Alice in Wonderland, you walk gently in the forest and you meet a rabbit dressed in a small vest and a monocle like the white rabbit from Disney. The rabbit flees and goes into an impossible-to-miss magic portal, and you find … Read more

Nintendo Switch: A working SEGA Saturn emulator discovered in a game – Saturn pretty good on Switch.

Nintendo Switch A working SEGA Saturn emulator discovered in a

To bring their past-generation titles to current consoles, game publishers can employ a variety of processes. For example, they can create a faithful port of the game running natively on the new machine. They also have the possibility to do things more simply by going through an emulator. This second solution is the one recently … Read more