Temtem test – A serious alternative to Pokémon?

Temtem test A serious alternative to Pokemon

Four years after the end of the Kickstarter, Temtemthis Pokemon-like with sauce MMOs, finally released on PC and consoles. Available in early access since 2020, the game is published by Humble Bundle and developed by the Spanish studio cream. A child who, at the dawn of his 12th birthday, sets off on an adventure to … Read more

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Ah, a teacher! Oh stupid rival! Oh three starters! At the beginning, we appreciate the very deep creation menu of his avatar. It is even possible to choose one’s appearance without taking into account the traditional physical blockages between men and women. Yes, Temtem allows you to create a totally non-binary avatar and it’s a … Read more

Test – Temtem – What is version 1.0 worth on Xbox?

Test Temtem What is version 10 worth on

For many years now, Pokémon has reigned supreme in the genre of capturing small monsters to tame. Many alternatives have appeared, wanting to offer another vision or simply take a piece of the cake. Games like Digimon, Nexomon or even Monster Sanctuary present a rather classic alternative to the genre. Others like Ooblets or the … Read more

eShop releases of the week (Splatoon 3, Temtem, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Haiku, The Robot, NBA 2K23, The Gallery, Catmaze…) – Nintendo-Difference

This week the Nintendo eShop of the Switch welcomed a total of 31 new releases, plus new editions, bundles and a demo. As usual, there are always a large number of promotions. Some discounts from previous weeks are still running in addition to our new selection below. The full list can be found at this … Read more

The MMO Temtem from the Crema studio has arrived on Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series and PC in its version 1.0 – Nintendo-Difference

The MMO Temtem from the Crema studio has arrived on

On January 20, 2020, the Spanish studio cream was released in early access on Steam its massively multiplayer monster capturing and collecting game Temtem with Humble Games to publishing, following the success of a country Kickstarter launched in 2018 (which we mentioned here). Since then, the title has been regularly supplied with updates with new … Read more

Temtem – The Spanish MMO Pokémon-Like finally available on Nintendo Switch

From its record funding of more than half a million euros in 2018 through its alpha in 2020, to its final version released on September 6, 2022 on Nintendo Switch and competing media, the Spanish Pokémon-Like MMO Temtem knew how to make his merry way. Capture of Temtem savages, battles between trainers, solo or multiplayer … Read more